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ABB 07DC92 Digit Input/Output Module

PLC AC31 Automation

ABB 07DC92 Digit Input/Output Module

    Brand ABB
    Item No 07DC92
    Part Number GJR5252200R0101
    Series PLC AC31 Automation
    Origin Germany (DE)
    Dimension 160*160*135(mm)
    Weight 1.2kg
    Customs Tariff Number 85389091
    Condition Brand new and original
    Quality Guarantee 1 Year
    Payment T/T
    Delivery Time 2-3 day
    Shipping Port China

    Product Information

    ABB 07DC92 Digit Input/Output Module

    Digital Input/Output Module 07 DC 92 32 configurable digital inputs/outputs, 24 V DC, electrically isolated in groups, outputs can be loaded with 500 mA, CS31 system bus 
    Intended purpose The digital input/output module 07 DC 92 is used as a remote module on the CS31 system bus. It contains 32 inputs/outputs, 24 V DC, in 4 groups with the following features: • The inputs/outputs can be accessed individually • as input, • as output or • as re-readable output (combined input/output) • The outputs • work with transistors, • have a nominal load rating of 0.5 A and • are protected against overload and short circuit.

    The 4 groups of inputs/outputs are electrically isolated from each other and from the rest of the unit. • The module occupies two digital addresses for inputs and outputs on the CS31 system bus. It is possible to configure the unit solely as an output module. In this case, the addresses for the inputs are not needed. The unit works with a supply voltage of 24 V DC. The system bus connection is electrically isolated from the rest of the unit. The module offers a number of diagnosis functions (see chapter "Diagnosis and displays").

    Displays and operating elements on the front panel 1 32 yellow LEDs to indicate the signal status of the configurable inputs and outputs 2 List of diagnosis information concerning the LEDs when they are used for diagnosis display 3 Red LED for error message 4 Test button Electrical connection The module can be mounted on a DIN rail (height 15 mm) or with 4 screws. The following figure shows the electrical connection of the input/output module.

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