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ABB 07KT98 Advant Controller Module

PLC AC31 Automation

ABB 07KT98 Advant Controller Module

    Brand ABB
    Item No 07KT98
    Part Number GJR5253100R0278
    Series PLC AC31
    Origin Germany (DE)
    Spain (ES)
    United States (US)
    Dimension 16cm*16cm*12cm
    Weight 1kg
    Customs Tariff Number 85371091
    Condition Brand new and original
    Quality Guarantee 1 Year
    Payment T/T and Western Union
    Delivery Time 2-3 day
    Shipping Port China

    Product Information

    ABB 07KT98 Advant Controller Module

    Analog Inputs: 8 channels, 0 ... +5V, -5 ... +5V, 10 bit +sign, 0 ... +10V, -10 ... +10V, 11 bit+sign, 0 ... 20mA, 4 ... 20mA, PT100 (2 or 3 wire), 12 bit, bipolar, the analog inputs are also usable as digital inputs
    Analog Inputs: 4 channels, -10 ... +10V, 11 bit+sign, 0 ... 20mA, 12 bit

    Fieldbus Interface Type: Ethernet TCP/IP
    Gross Volume 5.775 dm³
    Maximum Hardware Counter Input Frequency 50 kHz

    Memory Type User Data Flash EPROM
    Memory Type User Program Flash EPROM, non-volatile RAM, SMC
    Maximum Number of Analog I/Os 232 AI, 224 AO
    Maximum Number of Digital I/Os 1040
    Memory Size User Data 1MB
    Memory Size User Program 1MB
    Number of Analog Configurable I/Os 0
    Number of Digital Configurable I/Os 8
    Number of Digital Inputs DC 24V:24
    Number of Digital Outputs DC 24V:16
    Number of Hardware Counters 2
    Parallel Extension 1
    Part Type New
    Primary Voltage:24 V
    Product Depth 85 mm
    Programming Software AC1131

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