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ABB 07MK92 Communication module

PLC AC31 Automation

ABB 07MK92 Communication module

    Brand ABB
    Item No 07MK92
    Part Number GJR5253300R1161
    Series PLC AC31 Automation
    Origin Germany (DE)
    Dimension 160*160*135(mm)
    Weight 1.2kg
    Customs Tariff Number 85389091
    Condition Brand new and original
    Quality Guarantee 1 Year
    Payment T/T
    Delivery Time 2-3 day
    Shipping Port China

    Product Information

    The 07 MK 92 R1161 communication module is a freely programmable interface module with 4 serial interfaces.
    The communication module allows external units to be connected to the Advant Controller 31 system via a serial interface.
    The communications protocols and transmission types can be freely defined by the user.

    Programming is performed on a PC with the programming and test software 907 MK 92.

    The communication module is connected to AC31 basic units via the networking interface, e.g. 07 KR 91 R353, 07 KT 92 (index i onwards) 07 KT 93 or 07 KT 94. The most important features of the communication module are: • 4 serial interfaces: – 2 of them are serial interfaces, optionally configurable in accordance with EIA RS-232 or EIA RS-422 or EIA RS-485 (COM3, COM4) – 2 of them are interfaces in accordance with EIA RS-232 (COM5, COM6) • Freely programmable with a comprehensive function library • Communication with AC31 basic unit via connection elements • Configurable LEDs for diagnosis • Programming and testing on a PC via COM3 • Saving applications in a Flash EPROM
    Processing of the serial interfaces and the networking interface is provided for in an applications program. Programming is in the standard language ”C”. The exchange of data between the serial communication module and the AC31 basic unit is realized by connection elements in the basic unit.

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