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Bently Nevada 3500/32 125720-01 4-Channel Relay Output Module


Bently Nevada 3500/32 125720-01 4-Channel Relay Output Module

Bently Nevada
Item No 3500/32
Part Number 125720-01
Series 3500
United States (USA)
Dimension 119*189*135(mm)
Weight 1.2kg
Customs Tariff Number 85389091
Condition Brand new and original
Quality Guarantee 1 Year
Payment T/T
Delivery Time 2-3 day
Shipping Port China

Product Information

Bently Nevada 3500/32 125720-01 4-Channel Relay Output Module

The Bently Nevada 3500/32 125720-01 is a specific module designed to provide relay output capabilities within the Bently Nevada 3500 Series of machinery monitoring systems.

125720-01 4-Channel Relay Output Module
Functionality: The 125720-01 module is a 4-channel relay output module designed for the 3500/32 rack system.

Relay Outputs: It provides four independent relay channels that can be configured to activate alarms, initiate shutdown sequences, or control external devices based on predefined conditions detected by the monitoring system.

Alarm Handling: The module allows for flexible alarm handling, providing outputs for critical alarms detected by the 3500 Series system.

Integration: It integrates directly into the 3500/32 rack, expanding the system’s capability to include control and response actions based on real-time data.

Understanding the capabilities of the 125720-01 module allows for effective integration and utilization within your industrial setup, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in monitoring and controlling critical machinery. If you have further questions or need specific details about its application, feel free to ask!

Bently Nevada 3500-32 125720-01 4-Channel Relay Output Module-1q7j

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