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Bently Nevada 3500/40 Proximitor Monitor


Bently Nevada 3500/40 Proximitor Monitor

Bently Nevada
Item No 3500/40
Part Number 3500/40
Series 3500
United States (USA)
Dimension 119*189*135(mm)
Weight 1.2kg
Customs Tariff Number 85389091
Condition Brand new and original
Quality Guarantee 1 Year
Payment T/T
Delivery Time 2-3 day
Shipping Port China

Product Information

Bently Nevada 3500/40 Proximitor Monitor

The 3500/40 Proximitor Monitor is designed to interface with proximity probes (also known as eddy current probes or inductive proximity probes) that are used to monitor shaft vibration and position on critical machinery.

Proximity Probe Monitoring: It monitors the output signals from proximity probes installed on shafts or bearings of rotating machinery.

Signal Conditioning: The Proximitor Monitor conditions and processes the probe signals to provide accurate and reliable measurements of shaft position and vibration amplitude.

Alarm and Shutdown: It can trigger alarms or initiate shutdown sequences based on pre-set thresholds for vibration levels or position deviations, ensuring prompt response to potential equipment issues.

Compatibility: The 3500-40 Proximitor Monitor integrates seamlessly with other modules within the 3500 Series rack, allowing centralized monitoring and control of multiple parameters.

System Expansion: It can be expanded with additional modules to monitor more channels or integrate with other monitoring systems within the industrial setup.

Understanding the role of the 3500-40 Proximitor Monitor in your machinery monitoring system is crucial for ensuring reliable operation and early detection of potential issues. If you have further questions or need specific details about its application in your industrial setup, feel free to ask for more information!

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