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Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 Proximitor Seismic Monitor


Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 Proximitor Seismic Monitor

Bently Nevada
Item No 3500/42M
Part Number 176449-02
Series 3500
United States (USA)
Dimension 119*189*135(mm)
Weight 1.2kg
Customs Tariff Number 85389091
Condition Brand new and original
Quality Guarantee 1 Year
Payment T/T
Delivery Time 2-3 day
Shipping Port China

Product Information

Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 Proximitor Seismic Monitor

Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 Proximitor Seismic Monitor is a specialized monitoring device used in industrial applications, particularly for critical machinery such as turbines, compressors, and pumps.

Proximitor Functionality: The 3500/42M module includes proximitors, which are devices used to measure the distance between two objects or the presence of an object. In this context, it typically monitors the proximity of rotating machinery components such as shafts or turbines.

Seismic Monitoring: It is also equipped with seismic monitoring capabilities, which means it detects ground vibrations and seismic activity. This is crucial for industries operating in seismically active regions or where vibrations from machinery operation can impact performance and safety.

Integration: The module is designed to integrate into the Bently Nevada 3500 Series monitoring system. This series is well-known for its comprehensive machinery protection and condition monitoring capabilities.

Signal Conditioning: Ensures accurate and reliable measurement of proximity and seismic signals.
Data Acquisition: Collects data from proximitors and seismic sensors for monitoring and analysis.
Alarm and Shutdown: Provides alarms and can trigger shutdowns to prevent damage or catastrophic failures in machinery.

Early Detection: Helps in early detection of mechanical issues such as misalignment, imbalance, or bearing faults.
Safety and Reliability: Enhances safety by monitoring critical parameters and improves overall machinery reliability by enabling proactive maintenance.

In summary, the Bently Nevada 3500/42M 176449-02 Proximitor Seismic Monitor is a critical component in industrial machinery monitoring systems, providing advanced capabilities to monitor proximity and seismic activity, thereby ensuring safe and reliable operation of machinery in various industrial environments.
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