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Bently Nevada 3500/42M Proximitor Seismic Monitor


Bently Nevada 3500/42M Proximitor Seismic Monitor

Bently Nevada
Item No 3500/42M
Part Number 3500/42M
Series 3500
United States (USA)
Dimension 119*189*135(mm)
Weight 1.2kg
Customs Tariff Number 85389091
Condition Brand new and original
Quality Guarantee 1 Year
Payment T/T
Delivery Time 2-3 day
Shipping Port China

Product Information

Bently Nevada 3500/42M Proximitor Seismic Monitor

The Bently Nevada 3500/42M Proximitor Seismic Monitor is a specialized module within the Bently Nevada 3500 Series designed specifically to monitor and protect critical machinery in environments prone to seismic activity.

Here are some key points about the 3500/42M
Function: It serves as a seismic monitor, detecting ground vibrations and seismic activity that could affect the machinery's operation.

Applications: Commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, and manufacturing where machinery reliability and safety are paramount.

Proximitor: Monitors proximity and vibration.
Seismic: Detects seismic events and vibrations.
Compatibility: Designed to integrate with Bently Nevada's 3500 Series monitoring system.
Alarm and Shutdown: Provides alarms and can trigger shutdowns to prevent damage to machinery.

3500/42M Proximitor Seismic Monitor plays a crucial role in maintaining the operational integrity of critical industrial equipment by monitoring and reacting to seismic and vibration events effectively.
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