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ABB Ability™ System 800xA® 6.1.1

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ABB Ability™ System 800xA® 6.1.1


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With System 800xA 6.1.1, it is easier than ever to implement and manage digital solutions. Based on the latest operating systems, the new version offers increased security as well as leaps in engineering, communications and I/O capabilities, that can help power your digital transformation.


Accelerate your digital transformation

System 800xA 6.1.1 makes it easier than ever to implement digital solutions. Thanks to the 800xA Publisher system extension, you can both securely and easily choose which data to stream to ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite. This data is available in context to various applications, both on the edge or in the cloud.


System 800xA Publisher is a system extension that securely connects and digitally publishes process data and alarm/events to the Edgenius Operations Data Manager environment removing complexity and other barriers usually encountered when implementing digital solutions.


Reduce downtime related to software upgrades

It is now easier to update 800xA installations. System 800xA supports three operating systems simultaneously: Windows 2022, 2019, and 2016 along with their corresponding Windows 10 LTSC counterparts. This, combined with System 800xA’s flexible installer capabilities, allows system owners already at version 6 to update their systems by section, over time, and online, greatly reducing the time and effort typically required.


Provide peace of mind through enhanced security

The new version has been approved for use with McAfee Endpoint Security applications, such as Application Control. Additionally, System 800xA has been awarded ISA Secure Assurance Certifications for the system (SSA), controllers (CSA), and development organization (SDLA).


For more information see the System 800xA ISA Secure page


For access to the certificates, please visit isa.org and the list of certified component


Promotes secure collaboration


Thanks to a wide range of OPC UA connectivity options, System 800xA 6.1.1 promotes secure collaboration between systems, devices and applications.


The new version includes OPC UA client and server capabilities at the system level and an OPC UA client for the AC 800M controller via the new CI874 communications interface module.


Higher flexibility and lower footprint with Select I/O enhancements

Select I/O now offers single-mode fiber optic Ethernet adapters, signal conditioning modules (SCMs) with built-in intrinsically safe barriers for both process and safety applications, and channel redundancy. There are now four types of field terminal blocks available: non-IS, IS, redundant, and 120/230 V.


These additions reduce the amount of ancillary hardware needed to meet various project requirements, helps to reduce the impact of late changes and keep cabinet footprints to a minimum.


Ethernet Networked, single channel, late binding I/O solution for System 800xA